The Swissauto 250; probably the cleanest kart engine in the World !

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Compared to the Biland engine, developed in 1999, the SWISSAUTO 250 is a totally different concept that is specially made for karting. In the design there is paid attention to all the qualities that a kart engine of today should have: 

·              Simple and fast mounting! The engine is outboard drive and most of its components are mounted directly on the bloc. This makes it is possible to mount a new engine in less then 15 minutes. 

·              Light! With only 25,4 Kg weight on the scale, including all parts such as battery, exhaust, electric starter, carburettor, oil and water, this engine is even lighter as its 2-stroke competitors.

·              Easy to handle! Because al the components are positioned on the outside of the kart, the engine is very easy in maintenance. Another advantage is the very basic kept electronic part of the bloc. Only 1 multi plug for the CDI box and 2 cables to the battery pack. The engine even has an integrated self-bleeding water pump. (Just look at the things less to do: No more building out rear axles, nor spending time on the positioning of the water and oil hoses, no longer purging the radiator, etc.)  

·              Extremely durable. The SWISSAUTO 250 is equipped with a timing chain. All rotating parts inside the bloc have roller or needle bearings. A diaphragm oil pump does the oil supply of the integrated dry sump. All things that massively increase the lifetime of the engine.

·              Minimal maintenance! The use of the latest engineering technologies completed with many hours on the racetrack and engine dyno taught us that the running cost of the engine bloc are very low.   

·              Low emissions (clean)! One of the advantages of a 4-stroke against a 2-stroke engine is its low pollution. This is a hot item in today’s politic. By using a SWISSAUTO 250 engine, you help the environment. And...who can tell how long you can continue using other engines then a 4-stroke one?

·              Low noise emission (dB)! Already now the engine produces less noise then most 2-stroke engines of today, but to fulfil the highest criteria, the SWISSAUTO factory is working on its own design HQ air box.   

·              Low fuel consumption in brief high performance at every level. Another item where Swissauto sets new standards. You must know that the airflow in the cylinder head is approaching today’s F1 levels. This makes the relation fuel consumption against power very good.

The SWISSAUTO 250 is a unique mixture of a high tech race engine and a cost efficient series engine. If we now also consider the price, we must conclude that the new engine concept of SWISSAUTO proves that also in Kart racing the time has passed for 2 stroke engines.

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