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15-01-2014 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 EU-Distributor and factory will be present at the 2014 IKA in Offenbach(Germany):

For the first time ever swissauto250 and its EU-distributor RVF NV will only expose on the stands of its official dealers. During the exhibition IKA 2014 in Offenbach - Germany the swissauto250 team will rotate between the next dealers conform to the following schedule:

Saturday (09h00 - 18h00)

AMZ - MS Kart

  Hall A4 - stand n° 16 09h00 to 10h00
Dino-Kart   Hall A2Q - stand n° 16/20 10h05 to 11h00
Swiss-Hutless   Hall A3 - stand n° 19/32 11h05 to 12h00
Kartpower   Hall A4 - stand n° 1 12h05 to 13h00

AMZ - MS Kart

  Hall A4 - stand n° 16 13h05 to 14h00
Dino-Kart   Hall A2Q - stand n° 16/20 14h05 to 15h00
Swiss-Hutless   Hall A3 - stand n° 19/32 15h05 to 16h00
Kartpower   Hall A4 - stand n° 1 16h05 to 17h00
Dino-Kart   Hall A2Q - stand n° 16/20 17h05 to 18h00


Sunday (09h00 - 17h00)

Kartpower   Hall A4 - stand n° 1 09h00 to 10h00
Swiss-Hutless   Hall A3 - stand n° 19/32 10h05 to 11h00
Dino-Kart   Hall A2Q - stand n° 16/20 11h05 to 12h00

AMZ - MS Kart

  Hall A4 - stand n° 16 12h05 to 13h00
Kartpower   Hall A4 - stand n° 1 13h05 to 14h00
Swiss-Hutless   Hall A3 - stand n° 19/32 14h05 to 15h00
Dino-Kart   Hall A2Q - stand n° 16/20 15h05 to 16h00

AMZ - MS Kart

  Hall A4 - stand n° 16 16h05 to 17h00

See you there! 

For a print of the exhibition schedule: Click here


New validation graph for second hand Swissauto 250 kart engines:

You want to sell or buy a second hand Swissauto 250 kart engine but you don't know its value? Check out this tool then: Click here  

It tells you the correct value with and without rebuilds.

18-07-2013 - Bulletin - A closer view on the 2014 Swissauto EFI race engine:

Al lot of people know a fuel injection engine is more "clean or green" compared to a version with carburettor. But are they privy to the other advantages of racing with such a product? Let's describe the main points:

Easy: No more barometers or fiddling with jets and needles. Every time the circumstances change, the injection adapts full automatically the fuel flow and ignition timing. 

Equal: The time where a professional team makes the difference with the set-up of the carburettor is past. Every ECU has the same race program; the chances are identical for everybody. 

No compromises: The injection can hold a constant gas mixture (± lambda 0,95) during the whole RPM range. Overheating, a typical carburettor problem, caused by a lean mixture on a certain bandwidth is no longer possible. Another benefit is the continuous power flow from low to high. This creates quicker lap times (± 0,8 sec. against the version with the PHF30 carburettor) and less difference between heavy and a light drivers. 

Reliability: In contrast to a carburettor engine where only the ignition is interrupted when the RPM limiter is activated, the injection engine cuts both ignition and fuel flow. Valve train damages caused by backfires into the muffler and cylinder head are no longer possible with this engine!

Safe modus: Larger costs must and can be avoided in karting. This is why Swissauto has created the EFI Temperature Safe Modus: In case the water temperature of the engine, for one or other reason, would reach 100°C the ECU will immediately switch off the engine. No more cylinder head (gasket) damages. 

Diagnostic via laptop: All official Swissauto dealers will have access to the diagnostic tool. With this gadget they can "ping" each electronic component on the engine and immediately find out where the problem is situated. 

So…If you buy a Swissauto EFI you receive a race engine that is equipped with the same technology that is used in a modern car and that is good so?

I see you thinking: "Why didn't they make this immediately?" Well because the federations didn't allow it. Either they don't like progress, but most probably they are stuck in the past. Only since a short time the Swissauto factory decided to go its own way and decided to be the first on the world with the production of a 4-stroke injection kart engine.  

To end this bulletin and according to the experience we have made over the last 5 years Swissauto can make a statement that the EFI will make VT250 racing cheaper.

More info about the price of the EFI engine you can find back under the button "SPARE - PARTS

17-07-2013 - Bulletin - Swissauto-cup in Taiwan reaches almost a full grid:

Due to the continuous efforts of ERC, the Taiwanese Swissauto importer, the Asian Swissauto-cup is close to a full grid. Already 27 drivers participated to this well organised event and the interest of other drivers is still growing. Because the Asian market responds well to the non-stop improvements that are made on the Swissauto motor in power and reliability, we are sure that Taiwan will be a serious candidate for the advanced 38HP Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) kit or engine that will be race introduced in 2014. A higher level of karting in Asia is assured. 

More info: http://www.erc-kart.com.tw 

21-06-2013 - Bulletin - Swissauto introduces SP15 & SP45 engine rebuild packages for its VT1/VT3 Swissauto 250 race engine:

Based on our latest market research, Swissauto decided to offer with immediate effect 2 new rebuild packages: SP15 15 hours) & SP45 (45 hours). Both of these kits contain all necessary parts + labor to rebuild a Swissauto 250 VT1 race engine. 

More info as well as the indicated end-user prices without VAT: Click here

20-12-2012 - Bulletin - Point of view of Swissauto with respect to the new NAB championship:

Some of you probably did hear about the new championship organised by the Dutch NAB; another VT250 championship promoted as the "Walhalla" for 4-stroke engines. How Swissauto analyses this?

Well, first of all it must be clear that neither Swissauto nor an authorized distributor of the company was invited by the NAB to join a meeting that seemed to have taken place with the other VT250 manufactures or their representatives. Better, we even didn't have the information that the NAB had the intention to organize a VT250 category. 

Today the technical regulations of the NAB VT250 are online. After reading we must conclude that these contain the same dangerous evolutions as we already warned for in our Bulletin of 10-02-2011(scroll down) but then in an even more dangerous form. It is obvious the foundation of this new championship can be found in the suggestion of Swissauto to bring some modifications to the current rules. Modifications such as re-programming the rpm limiter from 13000rpm to 12000rpm definitely played a role. An operation that will lead to a significant reduction of engine failures combined with a minimum loss of lap time; read 0,2 seconds/lap. Reducing the limiter combined with a better tyre such as the VEGA XH probably makes the whole deal even more interesting for the VT250 driver.(Because what you lose with the limiter you gain with the tyre!)

There is no way that Swissauto, as initiator of bringing the rpm limiter down with 1000 rpm, would agree with these regulations. Already it is agreed that all official 2013 Swissauto cups will run on the lower rpm limit. Even today al new engines are sold with the limiter set on 12000rpm. This has nothing to do with quality of the engines, it is just a fact that we still believe that karting must stay payable what means all, and also our, VT250 engines must become more reliable. Going the other way is creating a cemetery for 4-stroke engines.

By this we also warn all Swissauto drivers that if they will participate in 2013 to a race that allows running the limiter up to 13000rpm, they immediately will lose every right for any goodwill request. Thank you for the understanding.

 12-12-2012 - Bulletin - Swissauto presents the 2013 'NATIONALS" & "INTERNATIONALS" :

As every year, Swissauto tries to offer new things to its clientele and this year it isn't different. May we explain:

In several countries races will be organised for the Swissauto250 CUP. As you can see on the schedule below there are 4 organizations selected to organise the 2013 Swissauto 250 cup. Each of them organizes a number of races that count for the local championships. Within these championships, Swissauto made a selection of races that count for the Swissauto cup; we call these the “Swissauto250 NATIONALS"

One race of the Swissauto250 NATIONALS is selected as “Swissauto250 INTERNATIONAL” This is the case in each of the 4 organisations, what means 4 Swissauto250 INTERNATIONALS will take place in 2013. The idea behind this is to generate a platform for those drivers that search for international “allure” and to bring the Swissauto250 brand to a higher level. Each organisation will run the 3 categories, well known as Swissauto250 VT1, VT3 & VT4.

The red highlighted races are selected for the Swissauto250 NATIONALS, the blue marked races count for the Swissauto250 INTERNATIONALS. All other races don’t form part of the Swissauto250 NATIONALS or INTERNATIONALS.


17/02/2013   PS - Emmen    
24/02/2013        Kartland >
10/03/2013   Spa    
17/03/2013       < Kartland
24/03/2013     Liedolsheim  
31/03/2013 Berghem      Le Mans
07/04/2013 Emsburen
21/04/2013 Veldhoven   Oppenrod  


05/05/2013   Berghem    


01/06/2013     Wackersdorf  
09/06/2013   Veldhoven    
16/06/2013 Emmen     Belval
30/06/2013     Wittgenborn  
07/07/2013 Emsburen




01/09/2013   Berghem  Kartland
08/09/2013 Hahn      
21/09/2013     Urloffen  
06/10/2013 Veldhoven  Emmen    
12/10/2013       Joigny
01/11/2013     Kartland
03/11/2013 Berghem
17/11/2013  Genk    



More info about the 2013 full regulations: Click here !

22-11-2012 - Bulletin - Swissauto wins all championships in all categories and rewards each of its champions :

For the fourth time in a row, the Swissauto 250 engine won all championships with great supremacy. All categories, VT1, VT2 and the numerous VT3 all was dominated by 1 engine brand, the Swissauto 250. Three "Golden Boys", that's how we call the gold coloured champion engine block, are handed over this year. The first one went to German Swissauto VT1 championship winner Rik Van Beek. Rik won 3 of the 6 heats and showed he was worth to be called champion. The next "Golden Boy" or shall we call it "Golden girl" went to Nikki Mooren. With 8 races in total, it was a real challenge for her to take the title. Also Nikki won 3 Swissauto VT1 races, but needed to battle until the last heat to take the title. The third one and last one went to Dimitri Mom. And Dimitri won, guess... Yep three Swissauto VT1 races too. But for the outsider it looked like everything seemed to go easier for Dimitri especially because even with a total of 9 races he managed it to win the "Golden Boy" before the last race. Definitely Dimitri is the man with the most continuous driving style. Always finishing the race in the top 5 and avoiding crashes really paid off. But who of those drivers is now the best one? Well I think we will have to wait until next season where we have a surprise for all Swissauto drivers. 

01-04-2012 - Bulletin - Opening race VT250 DMV championship in Liedolsheim(Germany) - April’s Fool…A German start for Swissauto:

Swissauto is setting new grounds on new markets, and as a result Germany is set as a new target for what promises to be an exciting new championship to the brand. After three years without 4 stroke championship, the new championship is set in Germany with the organization of the Rhein Main Kart Cup and the Baden-Württemberg Kart Cup under the care of the DMV.

With a grid set of 25 drivers coming from Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland, the bar would be set initially very high, as Rik van Beek and “Quick Dave”, both VT250 champions were also present. Qualifying would not smile to Dave de Swert, as he lost his left rear wheel right in the first qualifying lap, making him start from the back of the field. On the other hand, this seemed to be a specialty in Switzerland because the first line of the start grid were Swiss drivers; pole sitters Pascal von Allmen and Mantsch Straubhaar. 0,09 Sec. behind came Joris Evers on the third place. In VT3, it was Colin de Graauw from the KSL team who took the pole just 32 hundreds of a second quicker than Wouter Verhoeven.

With the start of heat 1, it was clear that the whole field was very close together, as the top 5 constantly changed positions and for a long time it was uncertain who would take victory. Finally Mantsch Straubhaar would be the winner but just to give you an impression of the quality of the grid; the gap between the first and the sixth driver (so the top 6) was less than 1,6 sec! Don’t forget the man with a mission, “Quick Dave”. He came back from last to ninth position and scored a hit with the quickest average lap of the race. In VT3 the first place went to Colin de Graauw.

In Germany the winner of the final is the winner of the day. So there we went; before the final, the top 6 drivers all knew they still had a chance to win the race. This situation definitely raised the tension on the start grid and was reflected during the first lap. Straubhaar messed up his start, so everyone behind him tried to pass him in the first corner. With so many drivers trying to pass, there was not sufficient track for everyone.  So bad luck for Von Allmen that went off after a collision with Rik Van Beek. And as said, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, being Brian Prina taking advantage of the situation. Brian Prina immediately had a comfortable lead over Straubhaar and Evers. Until… an overlapped driver spoiled the game. Finally both categories VT1 & VT3 ended similar to the first heats with a photo finish between him, Evers, De Swert (Yes indeed) and Straubhaar  within just 1,75 sec. in VT1 and Colin de Graauw taking a strong start-to-finish victory in VT3 before Verhoeven and Alessandro Felber.

Congratulations to the winners Brian Prina in VT1 and Colin the Graauw in VT3.

For more information about this championship please visit: http://rheinmainkartcup.de


04-03-2012 - Bulletin - Opening race VT250 GK4 championship in Emmen(The Netherlands) - The battle of Swissauto versus... Swissauto:

Emmen, where the first race of the season took place, is known as a very pleasant track to drive. With his 260 meters long straight line, it is the perfect place to listen the Swissauto engines roar in full lungs power. And March the 4th was no exception. Although it was a long drive for most of the participants, a total of 35 drivers where present in both, Junior and Senior, VT250 categories for the kick-off of the very competitive GK4 championship.  

If in the last year, being extremely competitive, it was not easy for the Swissauto drivers in the juniors, this seems to be the “turnaround” race where it all changed. In a packed 18 racers grid, it was now time for the few competitors still remaining in other brands to “fight for survival”. No chance they had against the 2012 SPEC. In VT1, (VT1 is the new brand name for the category "Senior", such as VT2 for the "Light" is and VT3 is for the "Junior" class) we counted 18 drivers and had a situation pretty much the same where Swissauto completely dominated from the beginning till the end.

With the grid setup for the first heat, the VT3 race would be dominated by the Adriaenssens brothers with Jentsen quicker than all others, followed by Wouter Verhoeven, another Swissauto driver. So what about race 2? Well except there was a short "fright moment" when Kreshto Kootstra crashed into the side barrier on the end of the long straight, it was a copy of heat 1 with the same winners. Fortunately nothing serious happened. In the finals, even though Jentsen dominated through the previous races, it would be Wouter Verhoeven who would become the final winner, grabbing the checkered flag just in front of the slipstreaming Swissauto of Jentsen. More than 13 seconds later Swissauto talent Matthijs Vandewalle passed the line and finished as third.  

In VT1, we have got the battle of Swissauto versus Swissauto. Even the GK4 "multi-brand class" started to look as a Swissauto cup. Yes, again all heats were won by Swissauto drivers. 

An outstanding performance we saw from new Swissauto kid on the block Thijs Van den Heuvel. Thijs, who came from another brand, got for the first time the opportunity to show his skills. He is the prototype of a case where the driver is struggling during the past seasons with medium performances. Now in his first Swissauto season he showed that the engine really can make a difference. However, the VT250 is an extremely competitive category, it was the first time he had the chance to go for victory. In fact Thijs finished ex-aequo with Dimitri Mom that just had had a better qualification lap. So the podium, again, was full of Swissauto's!   

This was the first race in the Swissauto Cup, counting 9 races in the GK4 Kart Series, where the ultimate prize will be a brand new Swissauto engine. The 2012 season promises to be extremely competitive, so stay tuned for the next races.

29-02-2012 - Bulletin - BeNeLux Swissauto250 Cup press release (Dutch only):

To eliminate all misunderstandings you can find here a press release explaining our strategie concerning the 2012 Swissauto250 Cup: 

(See press release: click here)

02-12-2011 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 EU-Distributor will be present at 2012 IKA in Offenbach(Germany):

For more info visit: www.kart2000.de  

27-11-2011 - Bulletin - last season race VT250 GK4 kart series in Genk (Belgium) - Swissauto champion versus Swissauto champion:

Well... what a race! And what a season for Swissauto! Participation in 19 races and 18 victories? Again the race in Genk was the climax of the year with 13 Swissauto Juniors and 18 Swissauto Seniors on the grid. In both categories far more than 50% of the grid. Who does better in 4-stroke? 

By tradition, November is a rainy month in Belgium and this one was by all means, no exception. But whoever loves racing, knows that wherever is a good race, there is no excuse to miss it. That's what called 47 VT250 drivers to the grid, separated by the 2 fasted and most highlighted categories. A grid filled with drivers from Belgium, Holland, Germany and yes... even Sweden where the perfect ingredient for a fantastic racing day. A race with plenty of overtaking manoeuvres and full of colour. You almost forgot it never stopped raining!

During qualifying it was triple champion "Quick Dave" who once again showed his partners why he is considered one of the main drivers to beat. Dave De Swert would become the fastest driver on qualification, beating Tom Dielissen by a mere 2 tenth of a second. Rik Van Beek, 2011 GK4 champion and definitely the challenger of "Quick Dave", had a problem with the set-up of the kart and would struggle for 13th place., which would make him fight all the way back to the top. So... a lot of close racing were expected! If things were tough in the Seniors, the Juniors proved to be equally competitive. Superior performance, even by numbers! Swissauto drivers Jentsen Adrieanssens, Wouter Verhoeven & Kerenzo Stevens would become the top 3 people on Junior, separated by 2/10 sec. apart from each other, on a damping wet track!

With the start of the Seniors race, Quick Dave would become second, beat by Kevin Gubbels who started from 10th place, no doubt a great race from the middle of the field. Rik Van Beek, who started from 13th position, had a "misunderstanding" with another driver when fighting for ninth place, falling back to 13th position. The GK4 champion now needed to finish the race with a flat rear tyre. Things were not easy for him. In the Junior category, Swissauto "habitué" Jentsen Adrieanssens was really driving in a league of his own. He passed the chequered flag 32 seconds earlier than his first competitor. Superb driving and a very good chassis set-up proved to be crucial in a cold wet race.

The second heat was a total different story for Kevin Gubbels, the winner of the first heat in the Senior category. Kevin dropped back to 8th position, leaving "Quick Dave" in first position, followed by training partner Brian Kroon and "mister wet" Jurgen De Block. Dimitri Mom finished in 5th position, coming inconspicuous back from 10th, fighting himself all the way up in a very tight race and in difficult grip conditions. In the Juniors, a misfiring ignition (water) stopped Jentsen Adrieanssens to repeat his first domination. This time it was the KK team with Wouter Verhoeven that went for glory.

Then it was time for the finals, and with the correct setup, it was time for Rik Van Beek to show his skills. Coming from the middle of the grid (10th) he won the final, after a (literally) strong pass on Dave De Swert, who saw the chequered flag 7 seconds after Rik Van Beek. The perfect chassis set-up in this last heat paid-off and gave him his well fought victory. In the Juniors, it was showtime for Jentsen. He fought himself all the way back to the top, but missed a few laps to take victory. And again he was signing the fastest lap in of the race, by more than a second per lap on Timo Pahler. An unbelievable performance!

Apart from the race event, it was the first public appearance of a new era in the Swissauto product family, with the new injection system (EFI) that will be available somewhere near June next year. With this new EFI system, performance will become much more linear, having massive torque in the lower revs, and most of all, a lot less to worry on the carburetion setup. Just to get a glimpse of what will happen, the rear sprocket can have 5 (!!!) less teeth against the carburettor version and will still have plenty of torque out-cornering! During the first roll-out, Dave De Swert was able to push the EFI on 3/10 sec. of his best laptime!

André Scheidegger, spokesman of Swissauto explained: “The EFI will be on the market soon, probably around June 2012. Without any fix numbers but according to our first calculations the EFI kit will have an estimated price around € 650,- to the end user. The kit, which can be only mounted on the Swissauto EVOII version, contains a throttle body including injector and throttle position sensor, an electronic fuel pump, a new wiring harness and an exchange ECU. Referring to the first comments we have got this weekend from the few drivers who have tested it, we predict that the Swissauto Electronic Fuel Injection engine will be a massive sales hit and will bring karting to a new level. So, what are you waiting for to get your next Swissauto engine?

30-10-2011 - Bulletin - eight race of the VT250 Dutch championship in Berghem (The Netherlands) - Quick Dave on Swissauto untouchable :

Pole position and two victories for Dave De Swert. What a magnificent performance to end the Dutch VT250 championship. Dave De Swert qualified 0,026 sec. ahead of Joris Evers followed by Wouter Kuip on 0,166 sec. The top 3 drivers of the championship within 0,2 sec. Still doubt on the equality of the Swissauto engines?

Considering the time of the year, this would most probably be last dry race of the season for the VT250 grid. That means the last opportunity to show the real performance of their Swissauto engines. What about the fact that the champion is already known? Shall this affect the way of racing of the other drivers? So would this race in certain way be different to the other ones?

Well yes and no. The winner of both heats was the same as the previous races, Dave De Swert. And Joris Evers, the usual n°2, was performing very well too because he became... second again. But this race everything seemed to be controlled by Dave. Even Kevin Gubbels (Ex RM Junior champion and outsider in this championship) or the very competitive Wouter Kuip couldn’t make a fist against the triple champ this time. Every act to approach the leader was immediately countered with a better lap time.

So where you should think the other drivers take their chance to go for a "win or off" race, it seems that only one driver made a "bargain" and that's "Quick Dave" himself. Isn’t that bizarre?

See you on 27 November 2011 in Genk for the last GK4 race. The race where both champions, Rik Van Beek and Dave De Swert will meet; spectacle assured!

26-10-2011 - Bulletin - Swissauto 2012 selected organizations :

After a very successful season with plenty of victories in both Benelux championships, KNAF and GK4, we can announce you with great honour that in 2012 the official Swissauto-cup will be launched in Germany too. The official DMV 2012 calendar will be released soon. 

(See press release: click here)

Also we want to thank all Swissauto dealers and teams that helped us making this happen, as well the organisers that offered the drivers the opportunity to race with the Swissauto products. As you know there is more to a race than just arrive and drive!

Therefore Swissauto will go even further in 2012 by spending a new engine for the winner of each VT250 senior championship. It is obvious that you must fulfil the conditions of participation to get a chance of winning a new Swissauto engine. (Click here for the "Conditions of Participation" )

For 2012 the selected organisations are: 

We are sure this action will help the organisers to bring the 4-stroke market to a higher level of competition. 

18-10-2011 - Bulletin - seventh race VT250 Dutch championship in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) - Swissauto triple VT250 champion :

This race Dave De Swert qualified first with 0,026 sec. ahead of Joris Evers followed by Wouter Kuip on 0,166 sec. That's the top 3 of the championship within 0,2 sec. Are the Swissauto engines performing equal?

After a tumultuous start Dave De Swert took the lead in the first heat. Joris Evers, the quickest man on the track, tried several times to overtake Dave, but the more experienced Dave could stand the pressure and drove one of his "start-to-finish" victories. Wouter Kuip that went off in the start, fought his way back true the field and finished third just ahead of Nikki Mooren. 


 Same corner, same lap, different styles: A champion and his challenger !

The second heat was almost a copy of the first one with that difference that nobody went off at the start. Again it was Joris Evers that drove the best lap times. "Fine!" An un-impressed Dave said after the race. "That's not enough to win a race!" In third and fourth position, but with a gap of 8 seconds on the two leaders, came Wouter and Nikki.

Newbies: Sebastian Sustrunck   &   Rob Kennepol

The Dutch driver's championship however isn't decided yet. With 1 more race to go "Quick Dave" is (again) leading the championship, but with only 9 points ahead of Wouter Kuip, 16 points ahead of Joris Evers and 32 points in front of Nikki Mooren. That means that theoretically all these Swissauto drivers can still win the Dutch VT250 title!

According the engine manufacturers title, the verdict is already final. Swissauto won this year, next to the VT250 GK4 title in senior and senior heavy, for the third time in a row the Dutch VT250 championship! So... still any doubt what to buy in the future? I don't think so! 

11-10-2010 - Bulletin - Swissauto also wins the GK4 VT250 championship in the category +180kg; congratulations to OW-karting:

Not unnoticed for us, but in all peace Ricardo Oude Weerninck took the GK4 "heavy" title for Swissauto. Ricardo, a man you probably already have read about in previous bulletins, is the one to beat when the track is wet and/or slippery. And that's absolutely normal if you take into account that he puts minimum 187kg on to the scale. But even then, the tough guys have a big task on Ricardo. And this... shows the greatness of his performance. Congratulations to Ricardo himself and the whole OW-Karting team.  

11-10-2010 - Bulletin - Congratulations from and to Rik Van Beek 2011 GK4 VT250 Champion on Swissauto:

A few times he was very close to the title, but this year the enthusiastic man from Deventer in Holland finally succeeded. A dream came true for Swissauto driver Rik Van Beek! 

And yes we must admit, Rik didn't get his title for free. It was a combination of talent and team, but also hard work and focus. Rik already confirmed to defend his title in 2012 and hopes on a lot of challengers. But first he will show his champion skills in Genk.

Press release: click here

09-10-2011 - Bulletin - sixth race VT250 GK4 kart series in Emmen (The Netherlands) - Swissauto no doubt:

If there is a race in Emmen, you can be sure there is always a certain form of drama involved. This is caused by the design of the track. The long straight line combined with the slow inner part always sets the driver for difficult choices; shall he go for top speed or for acceleration? Or should we say for floating valves or a burned clutch? Anyway, whatever choice you take, a mix of karts with different set-ups mostly lead to very tumultuous races. 

Qualification: 4 Swissauto in the top 5, starting with Brian Kroon in pole position followed by a very motivated Dimitri Mom.

Both first heats, junior and senior, Swissauto took the maximum points. Joey Veenstra won the junior and Dimitri Mom senior category. Mom, only a fraction quicker than Brian Kroon, went for the full points in the last lap with a very clean move on Brian. Rik Van Beek (almost champion) played on safe and finished in 5th position.

And it seems that Dimitri Mom had more big plans in Emmen. In the second and third heat, both in wet conditions, he was simply untouchable. Those were no simple victories, but were real demolition of the rest of the field. Even rain master Ricardo Oude Weerninck, in second position, looked to a gap of 15 seconds?!? 

With this maximum score, Dimitri Mom is on his way to become GK4 VT250 vice-champion. What means that team KK-kart now takes first and second place in the GK4 VT250 championship. The third position in the ranking goes to DFK karting with driver Brian Kroon.   

In the VT250 junior category we also must mention the newbie Wouter Verhoeven that won the second heat with his Swissauto/Hamilton combination.


The top 3 of the championship uses Swissauto engines. Of course there is one more GK4 race to go on 27 November in Genk(B) but a lot of strange thing must happen if this would still change. Maybe we can go for a double hattrick. Being 3 Years consecutive VT250 champion and taking the top 3 in the championship. Let's see...!   

18-09-2011 - Bulletin - fifth race VT250 GK4 kart series in Emsbüren (Germany) - 14th Swissauto victory in a row:

If you want to win a championship always keep 3 things in mind: speed, constancy and finishing. Now, if you know that driving with a large number of VT250 drivers in Emsbüren is almost equal to playing roulette, it is obvious that this would be a race full of surprises. Ad some extra ingredients such as rain and wind and the chaos are complete.

Rik Van Beek was the one that wrote the first heat on his name. The very constant Swissauto driver won just in front of Ricardo Oude Weernink. Both Swissauto drivers were not the quickest drivers on the track, but their very constant driving style rewarded them. The Swissauto's of Dimitri Mom and Brian Kroon couldn't score this heat. Even the fact they was lapping quicker as anyone else, couldn't help them get true the field. Again, Emsbüren and overtaking doesn't go hand in hand.

Second heat was won by Brian Kroon. Brian, taking a "Blitzstart" went in the lead from the first lap and drove a simple start to finish victory. A long time it looked like Dimitri Mom, the only real pursuer of Brian Kroon, would go into the lead, but some rain drops surprised the man from Gouda. Dimitri went off and lost several places. 

Rik Van Beek, the championship leader, went for safe in the last heat and took the day victory. With still 2 races to go, Rik is now only 1 point away from the 2011 VT250 title. A championship almost completely dominated by Swissauto, possessing the first 3 positions in the Championship.  

In the junior category, a new talent rose up: A former Br&Str. driver called Colin De Graauw. The young talent already won 2 VT250 junior races in Germany with KSL Racing, but now had to challenge 16 young lions. But...Colin again convinced by being quick in all conditions, wet and dry, and parked his Swissauto on the highest step of the podium. More fireworks we saw from Swissauto junior drivers Jentsen adriaenssens, Bram Ramselaar, Cathelijne Evers and rookie Angelina Weber. 

OK, let's go to Emmen (The Netherlands) 09-10-2011 for the next GK4 round.  

28-08-2011 - Bulletin - sixth race VT250 Dutch championship in Emmen (The Netherlands) - Swissauto P1 VT250 Senior - P1 VT250 Light:

Emmen, always a track full of surprises. Shall you set-up for the long straight line or shall you go for the infield? Will it rain or shall it stay dry? What's about wind? Does the wind hit you in the front or not. Those are many parameters to take into account. And just if everything seems to be clear, you didn't make the correct decisions. 

Compared to the last VT250 race in the beginning of the year, the lap times where very disappointing. The last GK4 races, the karts went almost a full second quicker(Rik Van Beek - 39,92 sec.). Is it caused by the tyres? Is it the time of the year? Anyway, Joris Evers on Swissauto took another pole just in front of Wouter Kuip and seemed to be the man to beat in Emmen. Untrue! A broken bolt in the steering wheel hub, forced him to slow down. In the mean time a battle was going on between the very quick Wouter Kuip and another competitor. A battle lost by Wouter that went off in lap 6. So..again it was the experienced Dave De Swert that made the best Swissauto deal in this first heat. 

It isn't a secret that spending a day in Emmen means mostly a day with more seasons. The first heat we had "Spring" so that means the second heat will be "Autumn". So it happened; a wet race.

Off they went. "Quick Dave" took immediately the lead and a long time it seemed to stay like that, but that was without taken Nikki Mooren into account! The girl from Zuid-Holland went for the full points in lap 8 and stayed in first position until the finish. Dave De Swert, struggling with his tyres, even had to let pas Wouter Kuip that came back from last into second position. This heat podium... for Swissauto drivers only!


In the light category the winner of the day was Erica Van Zuylen. In both heats, wet and dry, the female Swissauto driver was simply untouchable. 

What the VT250 senior championship concerns? It looks like the battle for the championship isn't over yet. 4 Swissauto drivers still have a chance to become champion. Starting with double winner Dave de Swert followed by Wouter Kuip and Joris Evers, but also Nikki Mooren is still in the run. Let's see what the following race in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) has to offer. See you on the 16th of October!

21-08-2011 - Bulletin - Fourth participation of Swissauto to DMV - RMK-Cup in Oppenrod (Germany) : A replay of Wittgenborn:

Well, not the same track, but same results. Another 2 victories for the KSL team. P1 in the VT250 senior and P1 in the VT250 junior category. The winners? The same as in Wittgenborn, Joris Evers and Colin De Graauw, both on a Swissauto engine. Second place in the VT250 junior category went to Cathelijne Evers, the young sister of Joris, of course also on a Swissauto. 

In lap time Joris Evers clocked a similar time as the current KF2 champion and this didn't stay unnoticed by the public and the 2-stroke teams. With no engine failures during 4 races and more than competitive lap times Swissauto showed the German public it is a nice alternative for the common 2-stroke products. Now the season is over it is now up to us (Swissauto) and the German organisations to do something with this intelligence. 


See you next year in Germany for an official DMV - RMKC - Swissauto-cup? Let's see...

09-08-2011 - Bulletin - KWM Racing becomes official Swissauto 250 dealership for the region of Zuid-Holland in The Netherlands:

KWM Racing, outdoor race division of "De Uithof", is now official member of the Swissauto club. KWM Racing, mainly focussing on the GK4 Kart Series, is in number of drivers far ahead the most successful kart team of the Benelux. With their large quantity on youngsters, they also have the highest potential VT250 junior drivers for 2012. On the races, KWM will be technical assisted by the experienced KSL team. The cooperation of both companies surely will increase the chances of success and is fully supported by Swissauto. In the paddock, KWM is mostly represented by Mr. Mathieu van Rensen.  

31-07-2011 - Bulletin - Third participation of Swissauto to DMV - RMK-Cup in Wittgenborn (Germany) : Swissauto takes first place:

Not only in the senior, but also in the junior VT250 category Swissauto won the race. Joris Evers(S) and Colin De Graauw(J), both KSL team, drove a tremendous race in Wittgenborn. This time the VT250 senior drivers were required to drive together with the 680cm³ 2-stroke karts. Although the 70HP "big bore" karts did start 200 meter in front, they couldn't keep their lead. In no time the quick and handy Swissauto/Swisscorse combination of Joris Evers catched the first Mega drivers to finally finish the race in third position all over. 

 For Colin De Grauw it was the first race with a Swissauto junior engine, but the talented youngster immediately gave his "business card" in Germany. Colin took his first victory in the juniors and managed it to finish 5th overall. Knowing that the rest of the field did exist out of KF3 drivers, this was a very nice result. Colin is definitely somebody to keep an eye on because it is a driver that understands to keep the momentum of an engine in the corners. And this is exactly what the professionals explain as having "ground speed" Remember this words!

Next DMV race: 21-08-2011  Oppenrod - (Germany) 

14-07-2011 - Bulletin - Fresh-Breeze chooses for Swissauto:

Fresh-Breeze, one of the leading manufactureres of paragliders chooses for Swissauto to actuate their trike glider. The BulliX uses a slightly modified Swissauto engine foreseen of a injection system. 

More info on www.fresh-breeze.de 

Another brand company that believes in the capacities of the Swiss power product. And this, ladies and gentlemen, means again quality improvement for all users.

10-07-2011 - Bulletin - fifth race VT250 Dutch championship in Berghem (The Netherlands) - One two three, Swissauto it will be:

This race was a little celebration! For the tenth time in a row this year it was a Swissauto driver that won the VT250 race. And not only the first place, but also second and third position went again to Swissauto drivers. And on top of all, even the first two places in the brand-new VT250 "Light" category went to the Swiss engine manufacturer. Who does better?

Both heats where dominated by 3 Swissauto drivers; "Quick Dave", Wouter Kuip en Joris Evers. Wouter, definitely the coming man, won the first heat with a gap of 4,6 sec. on Dave that on his turn had another gap of 2,8 sec. on Joris Evers. On the same time Nikki Mooren(starting problems during qualifying) came back from last into 5th position. 

The second heat Wouter couldn't stop the experienced Dave De Swert. Dave took the lead in the 3rd lap of the race and went for another victory. Although Wouter Kuip tried several times to pass "Quick Dave", he had to take pleasure with a second place. And what about Joris Evers? Well Joris finished in the rear bumper of Wouter(0,6 sec.) followed by yes... Nikki Mooren that took 4th position in the last corner. This girl definitely showed to have character!

So the winner of the day was Wouter Kuip(He qualified better than Dave). The second and third podium places went to Dave De Swert and Joris Evers.

In the Light category it was Gert-Jan Timmerman that won before another girl, Erica Van Zuylen. Erica, former VT250 junior driver seems to have found a second breath in this category. We are sure she will show nice things this year.

The next race is after the summer break. See you again in Emmen, 28-08-2011 for most probably another Swissauto victory.

19-06-2011 - Bulletin - fourth race VT250 GK4 kart series in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) - Dave De Swert sets the Swissauto tone:

The drivers named this race "Fight of the Titans". The best drivers of the NK against the top of the GK4 creamed with some foreign talent, that's where real kart racing is all about. 2 Wet heats, 1 dry run. Let's start with the qualifying.

As usual, Quick Dave isn't qualifying much. Some laps to feel the rhythm and that's it. Result: Position 8 on the start grid. On the contrary Dimitri Mom surprised with his first pole of the season followed by NK winner Wouter Kuip, Brian Kroon and another NK driver Joris Evers. Rik Van Beek, GK4 championship leader and just married, qualified only 7th. Anyway, not bad for Swissauto; 7 engines in the 4 first start rows. 

First heat(wet), well I tell you in a few sentences: Dave De Swert made one of his dream starts and went from 8th to 1st position in... 3/4 of a lap?!? Quick Dave, followed by Dimitri Mom, Joris Evers, Wouter Kuip, Rik Van Beek, Brian Kroon and yes, +180Kg driver Ricardo Oude Weernink, immediately created a gap with the rest of the field. Until the 11th lap the first 7 places where occupied by Swissauto drivers until they did start to fight under each other. Except Dave, that controlled the race, most of them lost places because of these manoeuvres. Anyway, places 2 & 3 were for Rik Van Beek and team mate Dimitri Mom. 

Second heat(wet): The one of bad luck. 

Start! Dave De Swert pulls away for another start to finish lead. In his track Rik Van Beek. Dimitri Mom and Wouter Kuip, both out in the first corner must now rejoin the rest of the field in last and second last position. But both Swissauto drivers catch up very well. They came back to 9th and 10th position. In the mean time the rear bumper of second position man Rik Van Beek came off. Out for him in... the last lap! Zero points for Rik that now must start his next heat in 11th position. 3rd position went to Swissauto driver Paul Sieljes. A combination of constant lap times with prudence seemed to be the right formula for Paul to finish in the top.     

The last heat was a dry race. And again bad luck for Dimitri Mom(4th start position) who was forced to abandon the race during the warm-up lap because of a broken chain. 

Dave De Swert, no doubt, the man of the race showed that he also could win in dry conditions. And he did it in big style by pulling a gap of more than 11 seconds on his first competitor. Second place was for Rik Van Beek(11th to 2nd). More congratulations to Paul Sieljes and Brian Kroon that both drove with their "head"

So finally Dave De Swert took it all; 3 victories + the quickest lap time of the day. That makes him really the man to beat this year or the real VT250 champion. Although he was beaten already this year by Joris Evers. And we must mention that even when he didn't drive his best race in Veldhoven Joris was the only driver that was able to come in the neighbourhood of Dave qua lap times. Second place overall was for another Swissauto driver, Wouter Kuip. The winner of the NK in Emsbüren is definitely somebody we must keep an eye on in the future. 

With this victory Dave De Swert again increased his leadership in the 2011 Swissauto-cup and with only 3 races to go many things must go wrong to keep him away from the title now.

14-06-2011 - Bulletin - Fourth race VT250 Dutch championship in Emsbüren (Germany) - First victory for Wouter Kuip on a Swissauto:

Again it was Joris Evers that qualified quickest in Emsbüren. With a lap time of 35,629 sec. Joris was about 0,25 sec. faster as Gert-Jan Timmerman and Wouter Kuip that closed the podium with a lap time of 36,048 seconds. And as we all know, if Joris Evers starts on fresh tyres, he is just a hard nut to crack. So in the start Joris immediately went into the lead and took off. In the meantime a fight was going on for second place between Nikky Mooren, Gert-Jan Timmerman and Wouter Kuip. Typical to Emsbüren there are always many change of positions during the races and that was also the case this time. Of course there is always somebody that is able to hit the road and this time it was Wouter Kuip. Wouter, now in second position, opened the hunt on Joris Evers. But although he was lapping very quickly, the gap between Wouter and Joris was too big. So the first heat went easy to Joris followed by another Swissauto driver, Wouter Kuip. 

A good start makes the difference in karting, they say... That's true. Joris Evers, completely surprised during the start lost many(9) places and was now pushed in the situation of chaser. Wouter Kuip and the quick lady in the field, Nikky Mooren, where now in first and second position. Both Speedsupport drivers were a long time matched to each other, but is was Wouter that seemed to take the overhand by taking victory in this second heat. And,... because the difficult Emsbüren trajectory stopped Joris Evers to come back to the front (He wasn't able to pass GK4 driver Paul Sieljes in this second heat) it was obvious that Wouter Kuip was the Swissauto man of the day. Congratulations to Wouter with this first victory!

21-05-2011 - Bulletin - Second participation of Swissauto to DMV - Rhein-Main-Cup in Wittgenborn (Germany) : Swissauto again 1st:

On demand of the DMV organisation Team Evers travelled all the way to Wittgenborn to participate at the third race of the www.rheinmainkartcup.de. Soon it became clear that this race won't be as easy as in Hahn, because this time the organisation categorized the VT250 between the KF2 field. A political decision because the last race the VT250 was too fast? Possible? 

So the race became a Swissauto versus KF2 battle: And already during the official qualifying the pace was set by Joris Evers. The man from Holland placed his Swissauto combination on third position 0,1 sec. slower than the pole man. And that he did on a total weight of 175Kg against only 158Kg for the KF2. 

If we can believe the speaker, it was never happened before that a 4-stroke engine could follow a KF2 engine. The Evers crew liked it so much that they decided to stay on the usual weight of the NK. (Joris Evers doesn't has a German licence, so he can't win the championship anyway)

During the heats, there was a constant battle between the first 3 drivers. (Joris Evers and KF2 drivers Jonas Hrdlicka and Felix Luding) Finally Joris became second over all and first in the VT250 category.

A fantastic result for the enthusiastic team, but end of the day they will start the next race on the prescribed weight of 165Kg. That shall do the job. 

15-05-2011 - Bulletin - Third race VT250 GK4 kart series in Emmen (The Netherlands) - Wet or dry, Swissauto always the winner:

All started nice on the Saturday before the race. Swissauto driver Rik Van Beek, by far the quickest man on the track, was the only one that could lap the extravagant "Pottendijk" track below the magic 40 seconds mark. With his perfect balanced Swissauto/Hamilton combination Rik managed it to set a lap time of 39,92 sec. For a VT250 kart, an absolute reference lap on this track. But how good they all had figured it out on Saturday, everything would be different on Sunday.

Even when everything went still well during free practice, the weather gods had other things in mind for rest of the Sunday. Yep... just before qualifying it started to rain. And not a little bit, but a real flood. In once the complete well organised driver's field seemed to struggle. In this situation all drivers that succeeded to combine a good chassis set-up with a smooth driving style do have an advantage. Translated: Rain master Jurgen de Block(+180Kg), one of the most experienced drivers in the field, starts on pole position followed by drivers Rik Van Beek and Ricardo Oude Weernink, all on Swissauto.    

First heat: As expected a race full of dramatic, but with a happy end for Swissauto. Just watch the race by clicking here: As you can see, many things did happen. Poleman Jurgen De Block and Rik Van Beek touched during the start, so both of them lost several places. Jurgen passed the first lap in 4th position, Rik Van Beek came trough as 9th. Now another Swissauto driver went into the lead: Ricardo Oude Weernink, an +180Kg driver?! Rik Van Beek, fighting his way back to the top, managed it to finish in second position, only 0,2 sec. of the winner Ricardo Oude Weernink. But... even when the first heat ended well for Swissauto, it was an end in minor. Because of a cloudburst in the last lap several drivers hit a large puddle of water, aquaplaned and lost control of their kart. The result was a big crash on the end of the straight (after the race was finished). It was a miracle nobody gets hurt. Sadly this wasn't the case for the frames. To give an example: The chassis of Swissauto driver Jurgen de block(n°15) was bend by more than 30cm and so ready for the junkyard. Out for Jurgen.

The second heat was more or less a copy of the first one, with this time Rik Van Beek taking the lead. And yes, again it was Ricardo Oude Weernink that took second position. After some laps there was already a small gap between these two Swissauto drivers and the rest of the field what made it easy for them to control the race. Also nice to mention is the performance of Swissauto driver Dimitri Mom. After a less successful first heat Dimitri seemed to get back the drive and went from 10th into 4th position. Fortunately no accidents happened this time.

The third heat was fully controlled by Rik Van Beek. Rik, that drove a pin perfect race as he led from start to finish, became not only the winner of the day, but was extending his lead in the championship with many points. A similar situation for Ricardo Oude Weernink. Ricardo second overall and winner of the +180Kg category is now leading the +180Kg championship. You can imagine that both Swissauto drivers where extremely happy with their results.

The next round of the GK4 championship will take part in Veldhoven(The Netherlands) and will be part of the Swissauto cup. That means it will be the first meeting of the NK drivers with the GK4 drivers. Let's see who stands for what? See you.

11-05-2011 - Swissauto factory: Production can't follow market demands: 

Not only due to the fantastic race results of the last 2,5 years, but also for other reasons Swissauto today is by far the most sold engine in the world of VT250. 

Things such as the fact that if you purchase a Swissauto 250 engine, you really buy the same standard engine of the champion. Or look at the spare-parts supplies; with a huge stock in the EU, all Swissauto250 resellers are delivered within a minimum of time. A service that must find its equal first in the 4-stroke kart branch. Complete this picture with the continuous quality improvements of the Swiss manufacturer and it is obvious that the Swissauto 250 engine for the moment is the best combination of power, reliability and price.

This reflects it selves also on the market. For the moment the demand on engines is so high the factory can't follow up. Bottleneck is the dyno work. Each Swissauto engine is ran in on a dyno and must fulfil a certain test program. This event lifts the quality of the engine to a very high level, but costs also a lot of time. 

Therefore we want to inform all our (potential) clients there is a current lead time of 2 weeks on the engine. Spare-parts are not subject to this matter. We hope to get back on schedule till the beginning of July.


08-05-2011 - Bulletin - Third race VT250 Dutch championship in Hahn (Germany) - Swissauto festival:

With 23 participants in the VT250 category(20 in the senior- and 3 in the new light- category), the third round of the Benelux championship will be remembered as the most numerous start grid ever in the NK VT250. And with 20 Swissauto engines on the grid it slowly becomes clear what engine brand is taking the upper hand in the market. Logical regarding the series of successes Swissauto achieved the last years. 

The race however wouldn't be easy; especially not for our local matadors. With people such as GP2 superstar Adrian Zaugg(RSA) and current Swissauto works driver Noah Herzig(CH) on the start grid a lot of firework is expected.  

The first test came on Saturday in qualification. But... although Noah Herzig was the quickest during free practice, it were Dave De Swert and Joris Evers that took first and second position. On 3 came Noah Herzig immediately followed by,... yes again a Dutch driver, Wouter Kuip. Adrian Zaugg, not yet in race form, looked at a gap of almost a full second against the pole sitter.(Zaugg's comment: Well..., the race is tomorrow, not?)  

On Sunday, it was time for the clash. After the start "Quick Dave" directly went into the lead with Joris Evers in his shadow that again was followed by Noah Herzig. Immediately Noah was attacking Joris that now was forced to drive the defensive line. This situation gave Dave De Swert the chance to extend his lead. After some laps however Joris Evers came in his usual rhythm and started to close the gap with Dave. Until... the ignition cable of his Swissauto engine came of. Exit race for the current championship leader and a free ride for Noah Herzig. But despite the fact that Noah drove the quickest lap time of the race (57,95), it was still a very constant Dave de Swert that won the first heat. Third place was for Wouter Kuip just in front of...Adrian Zaugg and André Salgado.

The second heat: Disaster for Wouter Kuip, victory for "Quick Dave"

In order to take a photo of the complete VT250 drivers'field, the organisation decided to stop all engines on the start grid. Wouter Kuip, third position on the grid, however couldn't restart his motor and hereby became pointless for this heat. A big dissolution for the man from Texel(NL), but unfortunately this also is a part of the game. The race, first lap passing: Dave De Swert in front of Noah Herzig, André Salgado and Adrian Zaugg. But it seemed that the "bad luck portions" weren't all distributed yet because in the third lap the ignition coil of Noah Herzig's engine came of what obliged him to abandon the race. Due to this event, both drivers, André Salgado and Adrian Zaugg, moved 1 position in the classification. Salgado several times under attack of Zaugg couldn't keep up with Dave De Swert that on his turn exploited this situation by pushing one quick lap after the other out of his Swissauto machine. Finally Salgado kept position and finished second in front of Adrian Zaugg that became third.

Picture source: www.Carpy.nl

Not to forget: The unleashed Joris Evers that drove the race of his life. He went from last to 6th position what is a real performance on a track such as Hahn where overtaking isn't without risks.

And for Swissauto? Well they had a full podium, what you expected?

See you soon in Emmen (The Netherlands) on the next GK4 race.

30-04-2011 - Bulletin - Swissauto enters DMV - Rhein-Main-Cup in Hahn (Germany) : Veni, vedi, vici !:

As preparation for the NK race in Hahn the following weekend, Team Evers did participate the second race of the www.rheinmainkartcup.de with drivers Joris Evers and Danilo Engelhardt. Not used to the "Deutsche Gründlichkeit" the team was immediately surprised of the well organised event. Heats did start well on time, marshals did a fantastic job, etc. 

Qualifying: Joris Evers took pole position with an advantage of 0.7 sec. on his first competitor. Danilo Engelhardt clocked 3rd position.

The heats, well... as already explained in the title of this bulletin: Joris Evers pushed his Swissauto machine 2 times to the limit, won both heats and his team mate Danilo Engelhardt finished 2 times in second position. So with only 2 Swissauto engines on the start, the Dutch KSL team did a terrific job by taking first and second position in the final ranking of the day. Not only for themselves, but also for Swissauto that now slowly starts to get the attention of the German public. 

17-04-2011 - Bulletin - Second race VT250 GP4 kart series in Berghem (The Netherlands) - Swissauto extraordinary:

Pole position in qualifying, winner of all 3 heats with Rik Van Beek. Second in qualifying  and 2 x second with Dimitri Mom. A beautiful performance of the KK kart team. For Rik Van Beek it was a real relief to be on the highest step again. "This is where I worked so hard for during the last few years!" he explained. With this performance Swissauto, "again", takes the first and second position in the GP4 championship ranking and is now on pole position in all championships at the same moment.


With Dimitri Mom and Brian Kroon, Swissauto has now 3 very quick drivers in the top 5 of the GP4 series. And both Dimitri and Brian are still growing race by race. We are sure that we will find them back on the top of the podium too this season.


This race also Team Speedsupport was present with Nicky Mooren. Little Nicky not common with the complete GP4 field seemed to struggle a little with the other participants. Nicky was quick enough for the top 5, but made some mistakes by taking the wrong side during the starts. This caused her several places and points in this race. Next race she surely will do better.


Next GP4 on 15-05-2011 in Emmen(The Netherlands)   

*Picture source: www.gp4kartseries.com

03-04-2011 - Bulletin - Second race VT250 Dutch championship in Berghem (The Netherlands) - Again Joris Evers for Swissauto:

Who will be the winner today that was the main question after qualifying? Joris lapping in 45,219 sec. took pole position just before Dave De Swert (45,347 sec.) and Wouter Kuip (45,530 sec.). 

But a champion wouldn't be a champion if he wouldn't react. So "Quick Dave" gave it a go in the start and went to 1st position, but... not for long. A very motivated Joris Evers had his kart set-up full on the grip and could hit back in the 4th lap. With a splendid manoeuvre he could pass the VT250 champion in the 3rd hairpin(Estoril lay-out).

Now Joris Evers was able to open up his lead with one fast lap after another. It was clear he went for the best place of the day. Dave, in the meantime, started to find the grip and returned into his usual speed. And this is quick, very quick. In the middle of the race he even lapped quicker as the pole man. Until... the oil breather tube of the case cover came of. Nothing special, but the officials didn't allow him to complete the race. In the meantime, Joris Evers was untouchable for the new n°2 Nicky Mooren. In third position we had again Wouter Kuip. 

The rest of the race looked like a copy of the opening heat of the Dutch championship in Veldhoven. A really unleashed Dave De Swert was on a mission. In a few laps he went from last position into the lead and went on to win the race before Joris Evers. Cause of the bad shape of his tyres, the last one couldn't really attack the leader during this heat. For Team Speedsupport, Nicky Mooren again could take the best position. Nicky became third, about 10 seconds in front of her teammate Wouter Kuip(4th). Jan Toussaint ended the final in 5th position. 

To be continued in Hahn(Germany) on the 8th of may.

27-03-2011 - Bulletin - Opening race VT250 GP4 kart series in Hahn (Germany) - Swissauto fills the grid:

No race victory this time for Swissauto, but a 100% marketing success. With 10 drivers(25 in total) in the senior category and 5 drivers(11 in total) in the junior class, Swissauto absolutely sets the pace in sales. It seems the consequent attitude of RVF NV in the timing and compression story finally pays of. 

In Hahn, the strongest Swissauto driver was Rik Van Beek(KK-Karts). During the training sessions on Saturday the Dutch vice champion was absolutely the quickest man on the track. On Sunday, however, it was a lot colder. Struggling to find the correct set-up, Rik qualified only 5th on the start grid and finished 3rd in the first heat. A respectful result knowing that the first 2 drivers Federer(I) and Voss(D) are both works drivers. In the second heat Rik attacked hard in the start what did cost him a flat tyre. Limiting the damage was the rule now. So more then a 5th position wasn't possible. After the second heat the team noticed that this incident did penalize Rik's tyres very hard. (What finally will cost him the podium.) For Rik it wasn't possible to lap at the same times as before so he had to be satisfied with 4th position in the last heat.  

Also team collegaue Dimitri Mom(KK-Karts) and Brian Kroon(DFK) showed that they are ready for the top. Both Swissauto drivers performed very well by finishing just behind Rik Van Beek on 5th and 6th position. 


So, what have we learned on this first GP4 race? Well... Although the gap between a standard DMSB Swissauto engine and all other brands became a little smaller, the Swissauto 250 engine is still the quickest and easiest to handle machine in the field. 

23-03-2011 - Bulletin - Swissauto builds more then only a kart race engine:

Since the Swissauto 250 engine is absolutely on top in the VT250 world, there is a real crusade going on against us feeded by the importers of the other brands. We won't go into detail here, but it seems there are no more rules in this political game. Therefore we think it is time to show where the name Swissauto is more standing for! 

So maybe it is nice you take a look under the following link: 

Also check this: click here

06-03-2011 - Bulletin - Opening race VT250 Dutch championship in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) - Hattrick for Swissauto:

A very bizarre opening of the season with only 9 drivers on the start grid, being 90% Swissauto engines. This is the result of the announced political boycott organised by the importers of the other brands against the domination of the Swissauto engine during the last 2 years. If this is an intelligent move, we doubt, but for Swissauto it didn't change a thing. Again a Swissauto won the race with even quicker lap times as last year. So finally, we don't need to spend many words on this incident.  

About the race:

The revelation of the day called definitely Joris Evers(KSL). Quickest in qualifying (with a lap time of 45,6 seconds) and winner of the first heat. Also the 2 newbie's Wouter Kuip(Speedsupport) and the Nikki Mooren(Speedsupport) did surprise the VT250 field with their 3rd and 4th place. Quick Dave, winner of the second heat, became second in the first heat. We must admit that it wasn't a boring race because the first 3 drivers did stick together for almost the entire heat.

The second round was fully controlled by the VT250 double champion. By attacking Joris on the outside of the corner Dave De Swert moved into first position immediately after start. Although Joris did try several times to overtake Dave, the more experienced champion is a master in defending his place and kept his position until the end of the race. In this heat Wouter Kuip couldn't really keep the pace of the two leaders, but could still finish on a respectful third position.

Next round of the Dutch championship on 03-04-2011 in Berghem (The Netherlands)    

10-02-2011 - Bulletin - Technical regulations "E4TC" or "Euro4strokechallenge" concerns Swissauto:

Today the technical regulations of the new ET4C are online. After reading we must conclude that these contain some dangerous evolutions. The idea behind it is simple, what is difficult to control we make free. But according to RVF NV, EU distributor for the Swissauto engine, this precedent gives a complete wrong signal to the drivers and teams and will make the sport much more expensive! Difficult doesn't mean impossible. If we accept this, the 4-stroke will go the old fashion way of karting where the biggest budget has the highest chance to win. This critic is not only projected on the Swissauto engine. In fact it has nothing to do with the brand of engine you use. We explain; where is the ET4C homologation different against the common used "DMSB" one?

    1.    Free timing of the camshafts. 

This rule has no big effect on the durability of the engine but is specialist work. The "DMSB" homologation already allows a tolerance of ±5° and according to us this tolerance is more then enough. Because the Swissauto engine originally already is being set on the limits, the effect by altering this is negligible. Although in case of wrong manipulation, the valves can hit the piston with a total loss of the engine as result! We repeat; this is work for an expert!

    2.    Compression ratio: Free

An unacceptable evolution of the regulations. Higher compression means a significant increase of the running costs. When the compression ratio exceeds the 1:13,5 it is an absolute must to use only fuel of 102 RON. Also the service intervals must be done more frequently and most probably the lifetime of the engine will go down. Because the Swissauto work won't supply engines with those specifications, the engines must be altered in "after service". Such a modification is labour intensive, what automatically means expensive. The profit of 0,1 sec. is not in relation against the risk of engine failure. Remember also that this modification is irreversible. In practice this means it will be not possible to enter the Swissauto 250 cup with such an engine!

Both modifications are against the basic idea of Swissauto that keeps trying to make kartsport as accessible as possible for the major public. As EU importer, RVF NV needs to protect its market. We believe this is only possible by keeping the races clean and simple. The past teaches us that all healthy series where at a certain moment tuning became allowed all died ! 

Considering all above mentioned reasons, RVF NV has decided not to modify the engines and will enter all 2011 races based on the known "DMSB" homologation! 

11-01-2011 - Bulletin - The 2011 Swissauto250 cup is a fact:

More info soon on the homescreen of this site!

07-12-2010 - Bulletin - Dave De Swert will drive Italian Championship for Swissauto:

Next year Dave De Swert will drive the Open Italian Masters VT250 championship for Swissauto. Quick Dave explains he won 2 times the Dutch championship now and is looking for a new challenge in 2011. The decision to participate to the Italian championship is based on the experience he made in Italy last summer. Dave: "The driving on 'rubber' is a new experience for me that can make me stronger!"

30-11-2010 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 EU-Distributor will be present at 2011 IKA in Offenbach(Germany):

For more info visit: www.kart2000.de  

18-11-2010 - Bulletin - KK Karts becomes official Swissauto 250 dealership for the Gelderland region in The Netherlands:

KK Karts, beter know as Koen Exclusief joins the Swissauto family. The Dutch Hamilton chassis importer was two times second in the KNAF championship with Rik Van Beek. William Koen explaines that his choice for the Swissauto 250 engine is based on different reasons. It is the most reliable, cheapest and quickest engine on the market he explains. If you have a business in 4-stroke karting, it is a "must-have-product". KK karts is following both GP4 and KNAF championships and will be present most of the races. 

For contact: Click on the reseller button.

14-11-2010 - Bulletin - GP4 race in Genk (Belgium) - Team DFK wins the Junior category with the Swissauto:

Water, water and more water. That was the condition of the track in Genk. In some corners the track owner placed water pumps to try to keep the water under control. But all that didn't stop rookie Jentsen Adriaenssens(Team DFK) from winning all heats with his Swissauto. In the morning the day already took a perfect start for Swissauto with the pole position of Swissauto driver Erica Van Zuylen (Team Evers), but that was only the beginning. These youngsters brought a real spectacle. 

Jentsen continuously changed position with Erica Van Zuylen, lap after lap. One lap Jentsen was first, then Erica again, etc. Both drivers really drove in their own league; separated from the rest of the field that came seconds later. Of course only one can win the race and it seems that Jentsen could keep the apex just a little better then Erica what give him the little advantage to win. 

Congratulations to Team DFK(1) and Team Evers(2) for their fantastic job.

In the Senior category Joris Evers was the only significant Swissauto driver on the start. (Because the KNAF Champion celebration was held on the same day of this race Dave de Swert and Jurgen De Block, both good Swissauto VT250 drivers, wasn't present in Genk.) While performing very quick lap times(always good for top 3) Joris 3 times crashed in the start. Coming back from last(18th) position to 8th position is nice, but isn't enough to win a race. We are sure Joris will  be more succesful in 2011 because again he showed that he can be very quick. 

11-11-2010 - Bulletin - New Swissauto 250 distributor for Sweden:

With Conzab Motorsport Swissauto 250 finally enters the Swedish market. (The launch of the 4-stroke engine at the Swedish kart federation took almost a year and was preceded by a new emission policy.) The company, managed by Mr Conny Strandberg, isn't unknown for the Swedish kart landscape. The BRM importer is since many years in business and seems to be the correct person to distribute the Swissauto products in Sweden. 

For contact: Click on the reseller button.

31-10-2010 - Bulletin - VT250 race in Berghem (The Netherlands) -  Dayan Fingscheidt with Swissauto on pole position:

When the qualification is driven on a wet track, external elements such as wind or rain can determe your position on the start grid. Exactly this is happened in Berchem. The usual toppers started in the middle field and for the first time this year the top 3 existed out of newbie's with Dayan Fingscheidt on Swissauto on pole position. 

Picture source: www.Heidipictures.nl

A rapidly drying track made the first heat to a big gamble for everyone. Finding the correct set-up (read tyre pressure) was the target. Wrong tyre pressure will either kill your tyres or your lap times. And... for Dave De swert the last one was the case. The wrong set-up made his kart almost uncontrollable and forced him in a defensive 11th position. Attacking was impossible. More in the front, the less experienced Dayan was showing his best side. Loosing 2 places in the start he fought his way back to second position. Only the 3rd last lap the lack on experience did cost Dayan the podium.

The second heat was another Dave De swert festival; starting from 11 he went to 5th position in the start. Then a real unleashed Dave pushed one quick lap after the other out of his Swissauto engine to finally take first position in the very last lap. A real champion show-off.

Finally we also want to congratulate Gert-Jan Timmerman(Swissauto dealer for Overijssel - NL) with his 8th position, not bad for a first participation. 

10-10-2010 - Bulletin - GP4 race in Lelystad (The Netherlands) - Dave De Swert on Swissauto blows his competitors away:

For Dave it was the first time he participated on a GP4 race. Fine, you would say, what's in a name? Wasn't it that the technical regulation is slightly different against the KNAF championship. And,... the technical controls are not only fixed to the scrutinizing in the morning, but are also done during the race. 

So... After the official time practise, where Dave took the pole, he went into the "parc fermee" to check the engagement speed of his clutch. (The procedure is as follow: kart + driver must drive over an obstacle without that the engine revs higher then 5000 rpm. If this is the case you pass, if not, you are DQ for the time practice) Honestly, the slip of Dave’s clutch was on the limit. And after several tests and a lot of discussions, Swissauto and Dave agreed to let them disqualify although many procedure errors was made. Dave now must enter the race on the last start position.  

This was a misfortune for the team, but a blessing for the spectators. Dave gave us a fantastic spectacle. He managed it to drive from last place to third position in less then 20 laps to finally finish in second position, only 1 kart length away of Jeroen Van As, the actual leader of the GP4 championship. On the 4th place we had another Swissauto driver finishing, Jurgen the Block, who was using the new Swissauto prototype with alternating ignition system.

After this heat Dave needed to mount a rev. counter with memory to check if his engine doesn't pass the 13.000 rpm. Once again, this action shows the efforts made by the organisation to keep the races clean. 

The second and third race both seemed to be a piece of cake for "Quick Dave".  The Swissauto driver was really dominating the field and showed again why he is the double VT250 champion.

Also we want to mention the achievement of the VT250 rookie Paul Sieljes that drove a magnificent race in Lelystad. Paul is definitely somebody to keep an eye on in the future. 

03-10-2010 - Bulletin - VT250 race in Emsbüren (Germany) -  Dave De Swert (again) 2010 VT250 Champion on Swissauto:

With one more race to go, the verdict is... Dave De swert is VT250 champion again! 

This year "Quick Dave" steered his Swissauto/Gillard combination already 6 heats to triumph and with this extends his champion title for a second year after each other. Also this race Dave De Swert, not really pushing the limits, could dominate the VT250 field. After a third place in the first heat, Dave easily won the second heat and pushed his kart to the lap record of the day. With a time of 36,868 sec. he was even quicker as the more powerful rotary engines/category.

For Swissauto, this second VT250 championship title is a beautiful confirmation of their kart concept and a proof that you don't need complex engines. It is true that a Swissauto250 engine doesn't contain adjustable camshafts, neither an adjustable clutch nor a complicated ignition with plenty of electronics. No, a Swissauto250 engine is build with well chosen components that are being selected by the factory during a long testing period before its production. They already investigated what is the best compromise to make it perform so well on most of the kart tracks. So the success of this engine is mainly caused by its simplicity. 

So...A Swissauto250 is easy to handle and to rebuild. It is build with very less components what is also reflected in its durability and its price. And now it is proven that you can become double champion with it? And on top it is far cheaper as its VT250 competitors? What do you want more?

05-09-2010 - Bulletin - VT250 Open Masters Italian championship in Pomposa(Italy) - Second place for Swissauto:

Peter Kuster finishes second in Pomposa using the brand new AIYES clutch on his very performant Swissauto/Tony-Kart combination. 

After the race, Peter was very positive about the AIYES clutch. He explained how he experienced that his engine was reacting much better in the middle range by it and was surprised by its extreme durability. This clutch is a real must for the Swissauto race driver.

31-08-2010 - Bulletin - Coming soon: The 2011 long life raceclutch for the Swissauto 250 by AIYES:

Click here to see a preview! (Be patient, HQ file !) 

24-08-2010 - Bulletin - Fifth race VT250 Dutch championship in Emmen (The Netherlands) - Double strike for Swissauto:

Again a double victory for "Quick Dave". With two superior "start to finish races" Dave De Swert did a fantastic job for the 2010 drivers' championship. 

Also we must mention the return of Jurgen De Block in the Dutch VT250 class. Jurgen could not repeat his splendid final GP4 race of the month before, but for somebody that is driving 2 categories on 1 day, his performance was very well. The 4/10 of a second that Jurgen lost against the top of the field is simply caused by the heavier CRG chassis. The RVF 4RSII frame he used on the GP4 race is with 9Kg significant lighter and much more efficient for Jurgen.

And what about Joris Evers? Well, how hard the team tries, it looks that his crusade is still not over. With a 13th and 8th place, his weekend was really disappointing. During training, Joris has the speed but in the race he seems not to manage to get the kart right. 

But with only 2 more races to go, the whole Swissauto team is motivated as never before. New parts are in development and a lot of testing is planned. So we are sure Joris will come back in the top 3 of the field.

12-07-2010 - Bulletin - GP4 race in Emmen (The Netherlands) - Team Evers wins the Junior category with the Swissauto:

Winning the first race you can do only once with a new product. This is what Swissauto achieved with their new junior version of the already successful VT250 engine. Thanks to the continuous dyno-work in the Swissauto factory (They made different basic set-ups for the 20mm carburettor for all weather circumstances) the junior engine was quick from its first lap. And a quick engine combined with the driving skills of Kevin Gubbels where predestined to pick succes.

Of course we also must congratulate Team Evers (KSL) with their first ever victory because finally it is the perfect team/driver combination that must do the rest. And the rest.. is not so simple!

But that is not al of the story. Jurgen De Block, guest driver in the VT250 Senior category drove a perfect race. After a bizarre qualification the Swissauto driver fought himself back to the front to finally... win the last heat. This race Jurgen made his comeback and has show he still has the speed.

05-07-2010 - Bulletin - Juniorkit for the Swissauto 250 engine:

Based on the senior engine RVF NV introduces a junior kit for the Swissauto 250 engine. The kit contains an intake flange, a 20mm 4-stroke Dellorto carburettor, an intake cone and a standard cotton air filter. The kit simply replaces the 30mm standard carburettor and decreases the power to 22HP.

Basic carburettor set-up you can find back in the Swissauto 250 "Main JET Booklet

The juniorkit will be available at your local reseller by the end of September for the estimated sales price of € 190,- + VAT. The ordernumber is: 03000500

29-06-2010 - Bulletin - Fourth race VT250 Dutch championship in Hahn (Germany) - Swissauto doesn't win:

Yes correct; you read well. It wasn't a Swissauto that won the race. Quick Dave crashed and Joris struggled with the setup of his kart. 

After a bad qualification (4th), Dave came back into second position after taken one of his sublime starts. Cruising on "safe" for the championship Dave did not attack Jeroen Martens who, at that moment, was in the lead. (Jeroen lost too many races to win the title). This was a mistake. Never underestimate the other competitors. In the 9th lap, a slower competitor crashed into the side of Dave = Race over. Joris that could find the correct setup finished respectful 6th in this heat.

The second heat things became a little different. No more presents for the others from "Quick Dave". In 4 laps time he went from last to second position to keep this until the end. 

02-06-2010 - Bulletin - New intake flange 30mm for Swissauto 250 engine:

In collaboration with Swissauto, RVF NV introduces a new intake flange for the Swissauto 250 engine. This flange must be placed into the intake of the cylinder head and increases the airflow. The result is a better acceleration and a smoother middle range. To take full advantage of this product, testing learned it is better to go down with the rear sprocket by one tooth.

You can order it at your local reseller for the estimated sales price of € 29,- +VAT under the number: 03400305

24-05-2010 - Bulletin - Third race VT250 Dutch championship in Spa Francorchamps (Belgium) - Swissauto sovereign:

Dave is back! With 2 "start-to-finish" victories that is what we must agree to. Although this race the Swissauto competitors tried to hit back by hard training(They already was testing since Thursday), it wasn't enough to win. But honestly it was very close race with 3 different brands in the top 5.  

For Joris the race started very bad. He had a big crash(the race was stopped) in qualifying with another Swissauto driver(Dayan Fingscheidt) and couldn't get the pace anymore during the day. The first race he fell out (carburetor problems) and was classified only 16th. The second run he made a good start and went directly to 7th position, but was not quick enough to close the gap with the first 6. Before the end of the race he even lost 1 place to finally finish in 8th position.

For Dave De Swert and Swissauto it couldn't be better. Again increasing the lead in the championship is fantastic.

28-04-2010 - Bulletin - Second race VT250 Dutch championship in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) - Victory for Swissauto:

In the first heat "quick Dave", that only qualified fourth, cutted trhough the field as a knife trough the butter. It took exactly 1 lap for him to take the lead. Once in the lead, Dave De swert fully controlled could increase lap by lap the gap between him and his first rival to finish this first heat with an overal lead of almost 200m. The other Swissauto driver, Joris Evers, also did a good job after his bad kwalification. He went from 6th position to the 4th place and was on the pace to attack nr3 when the checkered flag was shown.

The second heat was a "start to finish" lead for Dave with some serious hot moments. 2 Times race control missed the ball by not showing the blue flag when Dave was overtaking slower drivers. In both case an accident was avoided and Dave needed to brake so hard that he lost all his advan. Finally he won the race, so end god al good for the Swissauto driver. 

And Joris? Wel he finished what he started in the first heat. Taking the 3rd place in the first lap to keep it until the end.

Finally both Swissauto drivers finished on the podium(Dave 1 and Joris 3) and did a very good move for the championship.

01-04-2010 - Bulletin - Price increase of the Swissauto 250 engine:

Due to situation with Greece, the Euro lost again a lot of its value against the Swiss franc. Therefore we, as EU-distributor, are obliged to increase the price on the Swissauto 250 engine and its parts. That means also that all dealers must increase there sales price; also on pré-orders. The new indicated sales price you can find back on the home page of this site and is valid from today. We thank you for the understanding.

29-03-2010 - Bulletin - Opening race VT250 GP4 kart series in Spa - Francorchamps (Belgium) - Showtime for the Swissauto:

When you can take 3/10 of a second by lap in all heats on 175Kg against the first competitor on 165Kg, we can talk of an absolute domination of the race by Swissauto driver Jeroen Martens. So not many words; first and second position for the Martens family (Christian is the father of Jeroen) in the category 175Kg. Second  and third positions in the 165Kg category for the Swissauto rookies Paul Sieljes and third Martens family member, Angie Martens.

Picture source: www.Carpy.nl

26-03-2010 - Bulletin - Version 1-2010 of the mounting & operating instructions for the Swissauto 250 engines:

A new version (1-2010) of the Swissauto 250 mounting & operating instructions is now on line. (German version also available in the download area on this site)

For more info click here

25-03-2010 - Bulletin - Reviewed service interval schedule for the Swissauto 250 engine!

After a period of 2 years and a lot of experience, Swissauto reviewed the service interval schedule of its powerful engine. For the normal user it does not change a lot, but for the endurance driver there is a significant difference. Due to the constant high load of the engine during this type of races and the extreme long drive without replacing the oil, a rebuild must be done every 20 hours. Also advised is to inspect the engine after each endurance race. The latest service interval schedule you can find back in the section download on this page or by following the link below.

For more info click here

23-03-2010 - Bulletin - Oil service Swissauto 250 engine after driving in wet conditions!

By inspection of some race engines after the first wet race of the year, Swissauto noticed that some engines did contain water in the oil. After investigation of this case, Swissauto determined that most of the water being sucked into the air box comes from the spray of the rear tyre. A lot of this can be avoided by placing a shield (ex. number shield) between the wheel and the air filter. Anyway Swissauto suggest changing the oil (0,4l) after every wet day to extend the lifetime of the engine!

22-03-2010 - Bulletin - Opening race VT250 Dutch championship in Berghem (The Netherlands) - Double pole position for Swissauto:

Picture source: www.Heidipictures.nl

After a winter stop of several months, the first race of the season was a great success. 17 Participants in what assumed to be a wet race was a nice turn up. For Swissauto it did start all very well with a double pole of a very quick Dave de Swert and 2nd year driver Joris Evers. The first heat turned out to be thriller with a nice battle between Rik Van Beek and Dave. Those 2 drivers where dominating the race until... they touched each other in the 6th lap with a short off-road trip of Dave as result. Meanwhile Joris Evers could close the gap again with Dave, but never had the opportunity to attack the experienced 2009 VT250. This was also the position they finished the race.

In the second heat, Dave and Joris both took an explosive start and directly went to first and second position. Together they increased the gap on Rik Van Beek until a broken fuel pump instantly ended the race for Joris who was on that moment the quickest man on the track. Dave, suffering under a damaged front suspension (touched Joris in the start), could not keep the pace and needed to give meters away. In a short time the front tyres became so hot that it became impossible for Dave to get the apex of the corner. In the 10th lap Rik Van Beek successfully attacked Dave to take the lead until the finish.

For the champion of 2009 it was a sober up experience, because once you get used to win, second place isn't acceptable. Positive fact is that there is a real competition now and exactly this makes karting so exciting.

15-03-2010 - Bulletin - Situation with engine seals for Swissauto 250 engines!

In most of the VT250 championships in Europe you must have a sealed engine to participate on the races. Every Swissauto engine comes with a seal out of the factory. To avoid misunderstandings, we explain the procedure in case your seal is broken or lost. There are 2 situations:

  1. Your enter the race with a correct seal but it is lost after a heat. In that case, you must immediately go to the organiser to re-seal your engine temporary. After the race you must contact an official Swissauto 250 reseller to re-seal the engine permanently. If the engine is still sealed, your reseller will only charge you the price of the seal. If not, see situation n° 2.

  2. You have an engine without a seal. In this case it is impossible to enter the race. Your engine must be brought to an official Swissauto reseller. He will dismount and verify the engine to check if it is conform to the "DMSB" homologation. In case everything is correct, he will assemble the engine and re-seal it. The advice price for this handling is estimated on 33 FRT. (1 FRT = 10 minutes = € 9,- + VAT)

In case the organiser or a Swissauto 250 reseller has the suspicion that a seal is manipulated, he has the right to refuse the re-sealing of the engine. He doesn't have to give any reason for it and can't hold liable for his decision. In this case the engine must be controlled conform situation 2.

In case of discussion, the EU-distributor RVF NV will have the final word. 

In the close future Swissauto will provide a special seal to all its resellers to assure equality.

23-02-2010 - Bulletin - Rumours around Swissauto!

It is a fact that the power sports division of Swissauto is sold to the snowmobile and ATV manufacturer Polaris. But on several forums there are rumours spread that this acquisition would have an effect on the production of the Swissauto 250 engine. (This is told by the competing manufacturers.)  We, RVF NV as the official distributor of the engine, can tell you that nothing of this is true. (See official newsletter of the Swissauto plant in Burgdorf) The Swissauto 250 engine production is a part of SA Wenko Automotive and stays autonomous. 

In fact, before spreading rumours, people shall first find out the facts. 

 For more info click here

11-02-2010 - Bulletin - The 2010 European race calendar is on line!

An overview of all races and championships in Europe where you can participate with your Swissauto 250 engine can be found back by clicking on the picture in the left column.

10-02-2010 - Bulletin - New logo for the Swissauto 250 engine:

We are happy to anounce the 2010 new logo of Swissauto 250 engine. It is available in two combinations; black/grey or yellow. 


To download them in high quality or vector(pdf) click on the logo button. 

28-01-2010 - Bulletin - The Swissauto 250 engine fulfills easy the premises of the Swedish kart Federation:

72 gr/Kwh (HC + NOx) was the emission limit to enter the Swedish championship. With only 17,13 gr/Kwh at maximum regime(9.500 RPM) the Swissauto 250 engine is more then 4 times cleaner as requested. So... As already said it is probably the cleanest kart engine in the world!

27-01-2010 - Bulletin - The company Hetschel Gmbh + Co KG steps back into the German Swissauto 250 dealer net:

After one year of absence the company Hetschel GmbH + Co KG, manufacturer of the Mach 1 chassis, returns to the Swissauto 250 family. The company, managed by Mr Lothar Hetschel, is one of the oldest kart suppliers in Germany and has a huge facility in the near of Heilbronn. The company Hetschel or maybe better known as mach1 kart will be our dealer for the region of Baden-Württemberg.

For contact: Click on the reseller button.

25-01-2010 - Bulletin - 2010 exhibition in Germany very succesful for Swissauto:

First of all we must admit there where much less visitors this year on the IKA. So obviously also the karting business couldn't escape on the effects of the worldwide financial crisis. Although, the interest for the Swissauto 250 engine was very high. Not only end-users, but also kart dealers did contact us. 

Much of these last ones see the saturation of their 2-stroke market and want to give the 4-stroke platform a chance. This is a real opportunity for all those that have a cost/effective and reliable 4-stroke engine such as Swissauto for the moment. So: "End good, all good!"

Impressions of the IKA 2010: 

29-12-2009 - Bulletin - PI Racing sets up championship in Portugal for the Swissauto 250:

The site www.sa250portugal.com is a fact. PI Racing, dealer of the Swissauto 250 engine sets up a brand new championship for the Swissuto 250 engine. The championship counts 5 races on 3 different tracks that are situated in Portugal. For more info, please visit their website.

For contact: Click on the reseller button.

19-11-2009 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 EU-Distributor will be present at 2010 IKA in Offenbach(Germany):


For more info visit: www.kart2000.de  

12-11-2009 - Bulletin - Overview of the VT250 race year - The Swissauto 250 is the quickest and most reliable engine of the VT250 category:

6 Victories on 7 races, that is the balance we can make out of the first year participation of the Swissauto engine in the Benelux VT250 series. Of course it is not only the engine that wins the races. It is the concept of driver, engine, chassis and team that do make this happen. And therefore I want use this medium to thank all the people that believed in the Swissauto product. By this people I mean all the drivers, the race teams and all the dealers. My special thanks go to the man that was always ready to help the Swissauto participants. The backbone of the team; Jurgen De Block.

For next year we know that we have a good product. We know we have good drivers such as Dave de Swert, Jeroen Martens, and Joris Evers as the coming man. The consistent driver Jan Toussaint and the fighter Jurgen De Block. But we shall not rest, because neither do our contenders !

Already now, Swissauto is testing new products to make us even go faster.

See you all next year in the Benelux VT250 championship or in the brand new GP4-series. 

Rollin Vanmeerhaeghe, RVF NV    

03-11-2009 - Bulletin - VT250 race in Berghem (The Netherlands) - VT250 Champion Dave De Swert victorious again on Swissauto:

The last race of the season, or shall we better say the last triumph of the season? 19 drivers on the grid. One more then the record of Hahn, with 18 participants. Swissauto drivers Joris Evers, Jeroen Martens and Dave De Swert they al was quick, but only one can win. Because driving experience is a big player in the game of results, again Dave was the winner of the day, followed by Jeroen and Joris on the 4th place (ex-aecuo with the 3rd). It was Dave his fourth consecutive success.

For the first time we also have a female swissauto driver on the grid, Charlotte Maes. We hope she had a good time and will be back next year.

12-10-2009 - Bulletin - VT250 race in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) - Bad luck for Jeroen Martens, Dave De Swert VT250 Champion on Swissauto:

The first heat, dominated by 2 swissauto drivers, was a real thriller. Until the last lap Jeroen Martens and Dave De Swert battled for the lead. The very well performing Jeroen Martens, in this heat absolutely the quickest driver on the grid, needed to strike his race in the last lap. A wheel-to-wheel manoeuvre with Dave in the chicane leaded to a broken chain; game over for Jeroen. Dave, now far ahead of the rest, just needed to finish the heat to take another victory. 

The second heat, started in pole position, Dave managed a start to finish win in the wet, while Jeroen even could not get started. The team did not see that his chain damaged the "pick-up" sensor of the ignition system. No points for him this time. Meanwhile 3 more Swissauto drivers, Joris Evers, Jan Toussaint and Christian Martens, worked themselves up into 3rd, 4th and 5th positions. 

In heat n°3, again a wet race, Dave De Swert did over class everybody. With a 10 seconds lead over the second driver, he achieved a fantastic performance.

So, Dave De swert won the race and... also the championship. With still 1 race to go Jeroen Martens, second in the championship before this race, now will have to win next race to become 2nd again in the final championship ranking. Hopefully the technical gods will be more loyal to him next time?   

06-09-2009 - Bulletin - VT250 race in Emmen (The Netherlands) - Another race, same winner:

Dave the Swert victorious again on the untypical Swissauto track. This time the combination of the exact transmission setup and the experience of the driver where the key to success. The long straight in combination with the curved slower parts did put the team for the choice to go for either a long gear setup, so the kart goes quick on the straight but looses corner speed, or to go for the opposite setup. Of course we can't tell you what the final decision was (because also our competitors do read this story) but the result shows that it was the correct one. Also in the top five where Jeroen Martens (4) and Joris Evers (5) on a Swissauto 250 engine. 

In the championship ranking, Swissauto driver, Dave De Swert again strengthened his position. With 449 points in total, he now is 48 points ahead of its Swissauto 250 team mate Jeroen Martens.

14-08-2009 - Bulletin - Cleaning the oil filter screen :

When you clean or replace the oil filter screen it is very important that you don't forget to mount the cupper seal. Replacing the oil filter screen without the cupper seal will squeeze or deform the screen. When this happens, dirt of the oil reservoir can go into the dry sump system with extreme wear or complete engine failure as result. This handling failure and can't be accepted as a "goodwill" replacement.  

16-07-2009 - Bulletin - New Swissauto 250 distributor for Portugal:

Rapidzoom LDA is the new distributor for the Swissauto 250 engine market in Portugal. The company is managed by Mr Donald Naessens. Since the introduction on the Portugese market by Rapidzoom, the sales of the Swissauto 250 engine are increased exponential.

For contact: Click on the reseller button.

04/05-06-2009 - Bulletin - VT250 race weekend in Hahn (Germany) - A pure Swissauto 250 show:

18 Participants for the fourth race of the VT250 Benelux championship in Hahn. A new record this year in this category. So with only 6 Swissauto 250 engines on the grid it presumed to be a tough race. 

Nothing of this was less true. The Swissauto 250 engines, again, performed a one-two, but this time in "each" heat! An absolute magnificent result against the rest. Dave De Swert, the winner of all heats, now is leading the drivers championship with 29 points ahead of his team mate Jeroen Martens that has 324 points.

With the 4th place of Jurgen De Block, Swissauto managed it to score with 3 of his 6 participating engines in the first 5 of the final race result. With Jurgen closing in, there are now 4 Swissauto 250 drivers within the first 6 of the championship!

With a splendid result on a track where he never drove before the Swissauto rookie Joris Evers is certainly the one to watch in the future. If we analyze the lap times of Joris (ex. only 1/10 second slower then Dave De Swert in the third heat) you can see that he has the speed to win a race. For the moment is the lack on experience in the VT250 category the only missing link of Joris to the podium. But we are sure this will change in the near future.

17-05-2009 - Bulletin - Third race of the season - Technical problem stops Swissauto 250 hattrick:

Only second place at his home race for Dave De Swert in Spa - Francorchamps (Belgium). After a perfect win in the first heat of the day, everything looked fantastic for the Belgian driver, but a broken bearing hanger stopped the Swissauto victory festival. Dave had to retire from the second heat. Although, another Swissauto 250 driver, Jurgen De Block, finished second in this heat. 

Back on the grid in the third heat, Dave De Swert and Jeroen Martens gave a real demonstration in this race. Coming from the middle(Dave) and the end(Jeroen) of the grid, they achieved a one-two finish in this heat. On top of all Dave De Swert set the quickest lap time of the day with a time of 43,797. 

Also Jan Toussaint(Swissauto 250) had a good day. He moved to the 4th position in the drivers championship.

In the drivers championship Dave is now approaching the leader within 8 points. And the engine manufacturer championship... of course is on the benefit of the Swissauto 250 engine. 

29-04-2009 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 - Optimized running in procedure for the Swissauto 250 engine:

Based on various tests, an optimized version of the running in procedure for the swissauto 250 engine is available now.

For more info click here


26-04-2009 - Bulletin - Second race of the season - Another victory for the Swissauto 250 engine:

In Emsbüren(Germany) it was Dave De Swert(B) that took the victory in the second race of the 2009 Benelux VT250 championship. No strategy, but pure ambition and a good set-up where the keys to success this time. There where all the other competitors was struggling to find a correct set-up, the constant improvements on the kart resulted in better an better lap times. Finally Dave won the third heat and the day. This result moves Dave to the second position in the drivers' championship.

Jeroen Martens, Dave's team mate and winner of the first race, needed to be pleased with the quickest lap time of the race. (35,359)

26-03-2009 - Bulletin - Version 1.2 of the mounting & operating instructions for the Swissauto 250 engines:

A new version (1.2) of the Swissauto 250 mounting & operating instructions is now disposable. Modifications are done on page 15. (German version also available in the download area on this site)

For more info click here

22-03-2009 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 wins first race of the 2009 Benelux VT250 championship in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) with Jeroen Martens(B):

Jeroen Martens lifted the Swissauto 250  engine 's title challenge at Veldhoven with a victory in the first race of the 2009 Benelux VT250 Championship. Martens benefited in the third heat from an inspired tactical decision of the team to move its team mate Dave De Swert(also on a Swissauto 250) from first to second position. By doing this, Jeroen Martens could win the race and moves to first in the title standings.

20-03-2009 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 engine passes noise test with succes :

In the close past there where many noise problems on the tracks of Berghem and Veldhoven in Holland.  On 19-03-2009 different brands and types of engines where invited to the racetrack in Berghem to do a final noise test. The Swissauto 250 engine could achieve the limit, but only in the "DMSB" configuration. That means, with airboxkit included double air filter, with rubber sound absorber between muffler and cradle and with the 90° bend on the end of the muffler. The track owner did receive a copy of the homologation sheet and did take many pictures. 

If your engine does not meet the "DMSB" requirements, you will be banned of the track(s) !  

For the information of the drivers; the measurements values of the Swissauto 250 engine: 

Pass by 100 dBa   
Above the track 105 dBa   
Static  93 dBa 

17-03-2009 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 engine refuses to start:

Some Swissauto owners do experience start difficulties with their engine. Mostly there is nothing wrong. The only should follow some basic rules:

For more info click here

05-03-2009 - Bulletin - 34mm Dellorto carburettor setup for basic engine:

Some hobby drivers do use a 34mm Dellorto carburettor to improve the performance of their Swissauto 250 engine. To help these drivers to adjust their carburettor, the Swissauto factory publicized a main jet table that can be used  with the standard air filter. 

For more info click here

06-02-2009 - Bulletin - Price increase of the Swissauto 250 engine:

Every product made in Switzerland and imported in the Euro zone is related to exchange rate fluctuations. Due to the fall of the Euro against the Swiss franc we, as EU-distributor, are obliged to increase the price on the Swissauto 250 engine and its parts. That means also that all dealers must increase there sales price; also on pré-orders. The new indicated sales price you can find back on the home page of this site. We thank you for the understanding. 

21-01-2009 - Bulletin - Exhibition in Offenbach - IKA-KART2000:

Swissauto and the EU distributor decided to be NOT present at the Offenbacher kart exhibition in 2009. The reason is very simple; the production capacity is already on the maximum limit and it doesn't make sense to promote an engine what is not available soon.

It will be possible to view the engine on the stands of some of our dealers.  

06-01-2009 - Bulletin - Homologation of the Swissauto 250 senior engine:

It is a fact; the Swissauto 250 Senior engine is finally homologated by the DMSB. 

To fullfil to the homologation, your engine needs to dispose over the following parts:

Swissauto genuine air box including air filter and aluminium intake flange.
Swissauto genuine race clutch.
Bend(90°) on the end of the muffler.
Control points in the valve cover

11-11-2008 - Bulletin - Production of the Swissauto 250 engine sold out until the end of 2008:

Due to the great success of the engine, the production of the engine is already sold out until half of January 2009. The factory in Switzerland, that already increased the production volume, is doing all it can to follow up with the great success! Possible buyers are advised to contact their dealers in time! 

04-11-2008 - Bulletin - Sealing of the engine mount bolts:

It is suggested to use a thread-locking product on the bolts by the fixation of the engine mounts! (German version also available in the download area on this site)

For more info click here

21-10-2008 - Bulletin - Charging of the battery :

It is very important to charge the battery every time again when the engine is used. (See also page 15 of the operating manual). If not the voltage will soon drop back under 10,5V. In this case the voltage is too low and the starter won't be able to rotate the crankshaft quick enough so the ignition can't generate a spark. If this is the case, replace the battery by a fully charged one. Never use a booster on the battery! A booster can damage the battery in so far that a memory effect exists. (What makes it impossible to charge it) The battery is a GEL type and can't be charged with a normal charger. You should use a disulphating charger only! (Brands: Optimate or Accumate)

25-09-2008 - Bulletin - Race clutch for the Swissauto 250 :

A new race clutch is now available for the Swissauto 250 engine. The clutch shoes are made lighter and a different friction material is being used. Because it generates more slip at low rpm, the result is a much better engine response out of the corner. To give an example; on a track in The Netherlands the new clutch made a difference of a phenomenal 0,6 seconds !!!  Of course there is another side on the story too and in this case it is the wear. This clutch is only made for sprint races, so it lasts about 3 times less as the standard one. This clutch is only available as spare-part; new engines are always delivered with the standard clutch.

12-08-2008 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 junior version :

Today the Swissauto factory confirmed that they will start the developpements on a Junior version of the Swissauto 250 engine. The engine shall produce around 22Hp and will be limited on 10.000 rpm. It will be possible to upgrade the junior engine to a senior version(and vice-versa) simply by changing the camshaft, carburetor and the CDI unit. 

15-07-2008 - Bulletin - The airbox for the Swissauto 250 engine available now :

Finally the airbox for the Swissauto 250 is available. By the end of this month the first batch will be distributed to the dealers. Important to know is the fact that the carburettor set up is different now. Cause of the higher airflow, the main jet must be increased. More about this you can find in the airbox installation sheet. (German version also available in the download area on this site)

For more info click here

05-07-2008 - Bulletin - Stickers site www.swissauto250.eu: 

Stickers of the www.swissauto250.eu website are available on request at [email protected] These are free for all Swissauto engine owners. All others can purchase the stickers for the price of € 0,95/each.(+ VAT)

02-07-2008 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 engine delivery status :

Due to supply problems, Swissauto is not able to complete engines for the moment. This means that all orders are rescheduled to week n° 35 - 2008. 

09-06-2008 - Bulletin - Engine mount position Swissauto 250:

By installing the Swissauto 250 engine on the kart, it is very important to control if the fixation points are fully plane. (German version also available in the download area on this site)

For more info click here

30-05-2008 - Bulletin - Version 1.1 of the mounting & operating instructions for the Swissauto 250 engines:

A new version (1.1) of the Swissauto 250 mounting & operating instructions is now disposable. Modifications are done on page 16. (German version also available in the download area on this site)

For more info click hereLink removed; new version 1.2 available since 26-03-2009  

25-05-2008 - Bulletin - Second race for Swissauto 250 engine in the Benelux VT250 series - Emsbüren (Germany): 

Again the quickest laptime during the race for the Swissauto 250 engine. 

Impressive entry in the VT250 class was done by the newcomer Sander Faber. The VT250 rookie started on a new Swissauto 250 motor on Saturday. With the minimum on practice, he managed it to compete with much more experienced drivers such as Thijs Aan de Stegge and Jurgen De Block. Even more, he almost won the race. Only the fact that he did not know the drivers field enough did cost him the victory. A victory that was doomed… to be deleted. 

After the third heat, race control decided to take all Swissauto drivers out of the race. Not homologated yet was the official reason. 

Swissauto must accept this decision because legally it is correct, but if this way was the correct way to handle the championship is an open question. This race there where 4 Swissauto engines on the start. Two Belgian drivers and 2 Dutch drivers…

09-05-2008 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 DMSB homologation situation:

Some rumours are going on that Swissauto should not homologate the engine this year. By this we take position and inform you that nothing of this is true. Swissauto do will homologate the Swissauto 250 bloc for the VT250 series. In fact all paperwork was done by Swissauto several months ago. The reason for the delay was a discussion between Swissauto and the DMSB about the control points for the camshaft. This situation is cleared now and we expect the homologation cycle shall be finished soon.

27-04-2008 - Bulletin - First race for Swissauto 250 engine in the Benelux VT250 series - Spa (Belgium):

First race, best laptime and only 3 meters away from its first victory. 

That is the balance of the first race in Spa - Francorchamps. Jeroen Martens was lapping on 43,539 with 175Kg and on medium tyres. A very impressive result if you know that the first engines are delivered so late that there even was no time for practice. 

The first race was won by Thijs aan de Stegge, definitely the most experienced driver of the field. But already today we know that the Swissauto 250 engine will dominate the Benelux VT250 series. The proof you find in the day result: Only five engines on the grid that all finished within the first 7. 

This race we was running with open air filter, but the next race we shall use the special air box that will give us even more power. See you in Emsburen on 25 May 2008.

18-04-2008 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 exhaust muffler springs:

At some customers Swissauto detected several broken exhaust muffler springs after a couple of hours. To solve this problem, we advice you to modify your springs with a tight rubber tube. 

For more info click here

16-08-2007 - Bulletin - Swissauto 250 first prototype test in Eindhoven (NL):

After a long time of negotiation and waiting(RVF was in contact with Swissauto since 15-02-2005) we finally received the prototype engine. The first thing we loved on it was its simplicity. Having already some years of experience building up Biland engines on chassis, we was very surprised that we was finished in only 40 minutes. 

Once we started the engine (at the first touch), the first thing what took our attention was the sound. Used to the magic sound of the 2-cylinder Biland engine it was a little disappointing. 

But then... We went out for the first lap. We can only say it like Jeremy Clarkson in Top Gear would do:"Powerrrrr!" Amazing what this little block has in it. Seems there comes no end on the torque. Low rpm, middle rpm, high rpm, it doesn't matter, there is a continues acceleration. Luckily we had front brakes on the chassis because, believe me, you need them. We can't explain the whole story but fact was that after 2 days of testing we was only 4/10 second slower as with our 50Hp rotary engine. And maintenance? We just have changed the oil and greased the chain? Also the "Swissauto shock absorbing" sprocket carrier does a perfect job because the engine is only using a standard 219-pitch chain without any problem. (We drove 2 days with one and the same chain)

Unfortunately we have to return this engine and wait until the production units are ready. But one thing we have learned; if Swissauto can keep its promises on price then this is the beginning of a new decade in karting.